time to show who i am


Everytime you talk to me I shake on the inside and I don’t know how to talk to you. I am usually just really quiet. How am I supposed to know that that ONE gesture I made was going to make you hate me and not want to be friends with me? How was I supposed to know that’s all that would make you hate me? How was I supposed to know any of this? I’m sorry that I am not your best friend because I don’t know how the fuck I am supposed to act around you especially since you chose your girlfriend over me because I switched schools because I had to. Sorry that I thought everything that happened between us was just a load of shit. Sorry I didn’t know that we were actually friends. Sorry that I am not perfect and I don’t know what you want. Sorry that the one time that you wanted me to say something to help defend you I didn’t. Little do you know I hate myself everytime you don’t want to be friends. Little do you know that if I could and if I had the skills I’d write music for you and I would sing it to you if I had the courage to do it. I’m sorry that I’m not a slutty girl that will have sex with you. I’m not like that and I probably never will be. If you want to have sex with me then you should work for it. I’m not just a store that you can come and get what you want from me and then leave. I’m not THAT kind of a girl. If you want me then work for it. Fuck you if you don’t want to or if that is too much work.

I Can’t Always Please You


A couple cute cakes later,

I’m in my room after another disapproval.

Your out in the other room with an angry expression,

I’m in my room with an angry expression.


Nothing that I do makes you proud,

Everything always has something wrong with it.

These few perfect moments of approval

Seem father away than Pluto.


Some stupid silly mistakes

Make you turn your back on me.

A couple choices can change your opinion

Of whom you think I am.


I’m not a school spirit psycho

Nor am I an absolutely amazing athlete

I’m not as picture perfect as you want me to be

I’m not as smart as you want me to be

Just accept me for who I am


You have to promise you won't fall in love with me: "Taylor"


I think I have everything and I want to share it, I guess not only for the people on tumblr, to see that nothing is as it seems and always make sure to check up on people before trusting them.

Taylor was a lie. There is no such girl named Taylor Ann Catherine Martin-Mylander from Andover, New…

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he’s just soooo hot:)

It’s stupid when guys ask you out, kiss you, hug you, hold hands with you, and then break up with you a couple hours later. Fucking pointless and stupid.